Woke up, stubbed my toe on the humidifier, then broke my silence!

Throughout the day I discovered that I swear a lot to myself AND out loud, especially when I’m by myself or when I hurt myself.

This was a disturbing revelation, one which I probably wouldn’t have really noticed had I not taken a day to be silent.

Accidentally spoke nine times in total: twice saying one word, once I said three words in a row, four times I swore to myself when no one else was around, and once when I barked at the dog to be quiet

One of the questions I have about being silent is… will people open up to me just as much as when I’m conversing with them? maybe even more? or maybe not at all?

My very first experience in not being able to talk to someone in public was with my LCBO lady (yes I have a lady) and she turned out to be my first sociological experiment.

When I saw her, she asked me the typical generic questions about how my day was, etc. so I had to show her the note on my phone, which explained that I wasn’t able to talk to her because I was taking a day each week to practice the sacred art of silence.

She read it and laughed, awkwardly. I guess she thought it was a joke that she didn’t really get. Then she kept asking me questions.

When I still didn’t talk to her, she asked if I was serious about not talking and then asked if I had a sore throat? Etc…

Then she asked if I really ACTUALLY just decided not to talk, and asked to read the note again (now that she knew it wasn’t a joke).

She hung around my area for a while (Vintage Wines 🙂 being cheeky, asking an obnoxious amount of questions, but then for the first time ever, she shared something personal with me about herself! SHE CONFESSED SOMETHING!)

“I’m sick of my job. I don’t want to work here anymore.”

Then she questioned herself as to why she told me that.

“Why am I telling you all this? Oh well… Who you gonna tell. YOU CAN’T TALK!” LOL

THEN she went back to stocking “my” section and started singing a song!

She’s NEVER told me something personal about herself and she has certainly never sung in front of me!

My First Silent Confession – WOOHOO!

Overall the day was spent focusing on not talking, being bugged about what I couldn’t do and generally hyper-focussing on the downside of not talking

Spiritual benefit during my first day of silence = 0

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