It’s FINALLY starting to happen! I accidentally talked only 3 times, BUT the bigger thing is that I wasn’t as hyper focussed on NOT talking. I just… didn’t talk! And I’ve discovered that not being wound up about NOT talking actually allowed a sliver of peace to sneak into my life. I wouldn’t say I felt at peace, but I could smell it from where I was.

Once again, strangers were awesome with me and my family were downright abusive!

I spent a few hours with my son helping him with his work. We were in his truck driving down a road that I had seen the poh-poh on recently, with their radar out. I was trying to explain that he should be watching for the police. How would YOU describe the police without talking? Well, I made the #1 sign with my hand and then made small circles up by my head (kinda like “whoppdeedoo”) which of course indicates a flashing light on a police car, right? DUH! My son’s response? “Yes it would be faster if I took a helicopter, but all I have is a truck” Putz.

I finally met someone who seemed quite enthusiastic about the spiritual side of silence. I showed the young girl who was serving me coffee the note on my phone explaining why I wasn’t speaking. Her face lit up with great interest. Before I turned around to leave, as I typically do – to say thank you – I put my hands in a namaste position (palms together in front of my chest as if in prayer) and she actually said “Namaste” to me with a huge smile on her face. Usually, when I throw down the namaste move (indicating my appreciation to someone) they just awkwardly smile and then politely avoid eye contact. I completely understand. That’s what I used to do when those “new-age-hairy-smelly-armpit-women” (because they buy deodorant from the homeopathetic stores) got all “I’m so esoteric” with me. These days, some of those smelly people are my friends! (Some of them.)

Later in the day, I showed the the lady at a sandwich shop my note explaining my silence and she offered me a pad of paper and pen to write down my order. This without any prompting from me whatsoever. Nice!

The only people who didn’t really engage with me about my silence, was the group of chaplains I volunteer with at the hospital. However, this might have happened because I arrived late. “Arrive late & leave early” is my motto for meetings. It also might be because they’re all of an age & demographic where being silent is just “weird”. Older, white, middle class, rural people think that anything out of the ordinary is “weird”.


Spiritual Benefit During My 4th Day Of Silence = 2

The silence has just begun to finally allow me to smell peace. I’m hoping after peace comes, then maybe … Light? Intention? Purpose? Contentment? Clarity? Enlightenment? Heck – I’m just loving shutting up. It’s honestly been simmering inside of me for quite a while. My entire life has been filled with too much talk. From myself as well as those around me. I’ve been noticing that most of us, when we talk, fill the air with… more air. I’m becoming more aware of my own word choices. Being silent for a day each week seems similar to dieting. The main thing I get out of dieting is not necessarily weight loss. It’s being more aware of how much crap is going into me. Awareness is usually the first step to most growth. Being silent has helped me become more aware of how wasteful I’ve been with my words and how much crap has been coming out of me.

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